Number of downstream fluzzers

This is the number of Fluzzers directly in your network and would contribute to your

Average downstream fluzzer expenditure (monthly)

The average amount of money you expect every Fluzzer in your network to spend. This can vary
from network to network and country to country. For example some networks might purchase a
lot of clothes and some might go to a lot of restaurants.

Average personal expenditure (monthly)

The average amount of money you expect to spend in a month.

Estimated income:
* this calculator shows an estimate based on an expectation for a Fluzzer’s average consumption in each
spending category at the time of writing, it is not a guarantee of any kind. The actual cash-back you
receive may vary from the estimate based on the categories you and your downstream Fluzzers actually
spend on. For example, restaurants might yield a higher cash-back than rideshares in USA.

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